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FUJI Vendor's Weighing Scale

The Price Computing Weighing Scale for the reselling business

This unit is the perfect tool for all market vendors, meat shops other reselling or repackaging activities, wherever fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, grain and other food or non food items that need to be scales and priced at the very same time .

Don't waste anymore any precious time to weigh and to compute the prices separately, avoid both weighing and price computing errors and serve your valued customers quick and with the precisely calibrated measurement at the exact price.

A premium quality and multi awarded product is trusted by commercial customers.

The FUJI Price Computing Weighing Scale Model AM-4

Product Features:

  • Faster Zero Return, Tare Key and Faster Weighing Stability

  • Large and High Speed 6 Digits Display on both Vendor and Operator sides

  • Integrated Power Backup for operations during blackout

  • Replaceable battery for economic maintenance, best performance and long life

  • Easily Adjustable Leveling Feet to balance on uneven surfaces

  • Dual Power Source for 110V/220V Standard AC-Outlet or Rechargeable Battery

  • Platter Size: 230mm x 280mm

  • Capacity: 15KG/30KG with a Graduation of 5g

SRP: P 5,895.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

6 months warranty

OMNI Spare Maintenance Battery 6VDC/4AH: P 399.00

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