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STANDARD Turbo Broiler

The simple, convenient and delicious way to cook your special meals

This unit is absolutely perfect for all food serving businesses, regular Eateries, Restaurants, Pension Houses, Hotels, Resorts, Stopover Outlets, wherever delicious special meals are being cooked and prepared without much efforts.

A fantastic Convectional Oven that turns your meals amazingly easy deliciously crunchy at the outside while being juicy and tender inside, a real Must-Have Appliance that will treat your family and friends and be of great service to you and even also for your business for countless memorable years.

Raising your STANDARD of living.

Product Features:

  • Heat Resistant Corning Glass Bowl

  • Heat Insulated Carrying Handle

  • Temperature Control Switch

  • Automatic Timer Rotary Switch

SRP: P 2,795.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

6 months warranty

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