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The slim, safe, clean and economical way to cook your meals

This unit is perfect not only for all households but also a great appliance for a variety of commercial establishments such as Eateries, Restaurants, Pension Houses or Hotels, also schools and wherever you want to cook regular meals.

A slim and low cost, yet stainless Gas Stove that will be of great service to you for countless memorable years. Perfect for Students, Single Households, Single Parents or your families, great also indeed for all the way.

Raising your STANDARD of living.

Product Features:

  • Slim & Sexy

  • Automatic Ignition

  • Removable Trivet

  • Stainless Top & Front

  • Double Burner

  • L=515mm, W=320mm, H=105mm

SRP: P 995.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

6 months warranty

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