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3D Juice Extractor

The easy, fast, new and healthy way to prepare your very special drinks

This unit is perfect not only for all households but also a great appliance for a variety of commercial establishments such as Eateries, Restaurants, Pension Houses or Hotels, wherever you want to process healthy fresh, delicious and real signature juices.

Not only throughout the summer, not limited to the kids but for the whole family and all year round. Create your own mixtures and enjoy the benefits of your own and fully natural health drinks, another appliance that truly deserves to be at every home.

3D Quality you trust, now even made better.

Product Features:

  • Power Rating: 500W

  • Transparent Cover to oversee the juicing process

  • Large Pulp Container for sizeable quantities of juice

  • Removable Cover and Food Pusher for easy cleaning.

  • With Thermal Cut-Off

  • Capacity: 600ml

  • Stainless Body with Transparent Juice Jug

  • Stainless Steel Cutter Disc

  • Net Weight: 2.6kg

SRP: P 2,495.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

6 months warranty

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