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WANTED: Office Assistant

We are hiring 1 (one) Office Assistant for our Administrative Operations

Graduates of BS in Accountancy or BS in Commerce with major in Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Business Economics, Management, Management Accounting, Marketing Management are all acceptable... Open-minded graduates of other related courses like for example Information Technology or persons with experience in the office environment will also be considered, please be not discouraged to apply...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Q: Where would I be assigned? A: At our GET Office in Gingoog City

Q: Where exactly is the GET Office located?

A: Along the National Highway / Gomez Street

Q: What would the job be about? A: To take care about and to assist us in all our administrative duties

Q: What exactly would that mean?

A: Invoicing and monitoring of sales, maintaining statistics, preparing tax documents

Q: Who may apply?

A: Both female and male of all ages and backgrounds, we really look at all applications

Q: How do I apply?

A: Submit your Bio Data Sheet together with copies of your relevant documents

Q: How to submit my application?

A: Your choice of personal visit, courier, FB Message or E-mail, all are equally fine

Q: How much can I earn?

A: We offer regular employment and provide a comprehensive and attractive income package, a clean and friendly working environment and we're glad to say that typically our employees are truly committed to stay with us for the long run

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Important: This position is only vacant when advertised

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Gingoog Electric Trading is conveniently located along the National Highway, parking space is available


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National Highway / Gomez Street

Gingoog City



Store: (088) 861-2020

Fax: (088) 861-3030

Office: (088) 861-4040

Gensan: (083) 302-2237


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