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PANTHER Transformer / Inverter / Gadgets

PANTHER Step-Down Transformers White Series

PANTHER Products are proudly manufactured in the Philippines and one product line for which this brand is truly known for are their various types of high quality Transformers.

It is made out of extremely sturdy materials like the very durable Powder Coated Casing to begin with but it also uses only pure 99.9% Copper Wires and has a Silicon Laminated EI-Core.

It passes rigorous quality tests like the Insulation Test with a 500VDC / 100 Mega Ohms Test Values and the Dielectric Strength Test with a minimum of 1000 Volts.

The White Series comes with an integrated Switch and also with a built-in Fuse for your added convenience, increased safety and additional life span as well.

It steps down the voltage from 220VAC to 110VAC and is ideal for a variety of small appliances that you may have received from abroad where the grid voltage simply differs.

We carry the 150VA and the 500VA capacities and for larger ratings you may consider also our OMNI Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVR's with both 220VAC and 110VAC Outlets, a wonderful 2 in 1 Solution for a 110VAC supply and including Voltage Stabilization.

Unit Price PT-2078-SA (150VA): P 995.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

Unit Price PT-1077-SA (500VA): P 1,695.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

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PANTHER Power Inverters 12 Volts Series

Solar Technology is the future and the future has arrived already but the PANTHER Power Inverters are also absolutely ideal for automotive applications and should not be missing in your car or in your travel bag when cruising with your motorbike.

For your utmost convenience we have the PPI-150, a simple 150 Watts Plug & Play version that only needs to be inserted into your 12 Volts Cigarette Lighter Outlet and on the opposite side of the unit you have a regular 220 Volts Universal Outlet plus one additional USB Port for your charging needs.

It has Overload and Overheat Protection Features and contains a replaceable Fuse which ensures that you will enjoy this Inverter for a very long time.

This device is ideal for your Laptop, for a small TV, a Radio, your DVD, Video Games, Battery Chargers and other Electronic Equipment in that category.

The next higher model PPI-300 comes with a 300 Watts Continuous Power Rating, it is equipped with both Cigarette Light Plug and also two Battery Clamps for a direct connection to your battery.

It has all the features mentioned above, comes with Low Battery Alarm and Automatic Shutdown, Short Circuit Protection and it produces already a Modified Sine Wave Output Waveform that holds heat developments in check, prolongs and protects the life of all appliances in use.

This device is ideal for larger Entertainment Electronics, a small Electric Fan, little Power Tools and low consumption appliances, like Mixers, Blenders and such alike.

After that we reach the PPI-500 500 Watts Continuous Output Rating which requires already a direct connection via its Battery Clamps to your 12V Car Battery, 12V Motorbike Battery or 12V Solar System Battery Supply.

It has all the complete features plus an additional 220VAC Outlet.

The device is ideal for a wide variety of Consumer Electronics, medium rated Power Tools like little Drilling Machine, small Jigsaws and even a small Coffee Maker and similar small household appliances already.

Unit Price PPI-150 (150 Watts): P 1,495.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

Unit Price PPI-300 (300 Watts) : P 2,595.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

Unit Price PPI-500 (500 Watts) : P 3,795.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

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PANTHER Safety and Energy Savings Gadgets

The PPD-1000 Power ON Delay is a PANTHER Gadget that protects your sensitive appliances by delaying the power supply for example after a blackout until the grid became again stable, it can handle equipment of up to 1000 Watts.

The PAT-3000-D Air Conditioner to Fan Timer is a PANTHER Gadget that is designed to save a lot of energy by automatically turning off your Air Conditioner after a predetermined time of in between 1 to 8 hours and automatically switching over to your Electric Fan which of course consumes much less power, leading to lower Electricity Bills.

We carry the upgraded version that includes also Bypass and Power On Delay Functions for additional safety, a true 2 in 1 Solution and it is rated for a whopping 3000 Watts.

Unit Price PPD-1000: P 895.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

Unit Price PAT-3000-D: P 1,395.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

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