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POWER CRAFT Compact Welder 300A

The king in the compact welding world with 20% Duty Cycle

The POWER CRAFT PWM-6300B Compact AC Transformer Professional ARC Welder is the most powerful in its category and comes with the following features:

  • Insulated Stainless Steel Body

  • Portable and Fan Cooled

  • Rated Output Current: 300A

  • Perfect Arc Starting and Arc Force

  • Infinitely Variable Current Adjustment

  • Duty Cycle: 20%

  • Input Voltage: 220V, Single Phase

  • Input Power: 15.5KVA

  • Ultimate Performance and Continuous Work

  • Automatic Voltage Fluctuation Compensation

  • Over Current, Over Voltage and Over Temperature Protection

  • Welding Cables and Standard Mask included

  • ISO-9001 Certified

Unit Price: P 7,995.00 (Note: Prices are subject to change)

6 months warranty

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