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The BOSCH Building Tripod BS-150 Professional is anbsolutely secure stance on any floor


1.) Robust aluminum design

2.) For work heights from 52 to 147 cm

3.) Functionality and precision due to circular vial


Why this tool?


a) 1/4" tripod thread

b) Optimized working with line and point laser level

c) Good portability due to low weightd)


Suitable for GPL 5 c; GCL 25; GPL 3 ; GLL 2; GLL 3-80 P; GLL 2-80 P; GLL 2-50; GLM 50; GLM 80; GLM 150; GLM 250 VF; GIM 60 L Professional


Working Height: 52-147cm


BOSCH Tripod BT-150

  • 6 months from date of purchase

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