BOSCH Thermal Scanner GIS-1000C

Bosch Thermo-Detector GIS-1000C Professional 

Accurate measurement and easy recording of temperature and moisture levels

1.) Integrated camera for immediately documenting measured values in a photo

2.) Connectivity – Measured values can be transferred directly on location to a smartphone via Bluetooth™ and then sent by e-mail

3.) Bright LED for better photos in difficult lighting conditions

4.) Simple exchange and smart documentation of measured values thanks to GIS measure & document application

5.) Supported Android devices: Smartphones and Tablets with Android 4.0 or higher

6.) Supported IOS devices: I-Phone 4S or higher, I-Pad (3rd Gen. or higher), I-Pad Air (1st Gen. or higher), I-Pad mini (1st Gen. or higher) 

7.) Quickly acclimatizing sensor for precise measurement of room temperature and relative humidity
8.) Straight-forward user interface for intuitive operation
9.) Power source – supplied with alkaline batteries
10.) Transfer of images from the GIS 1000 C gallery to an Android device 

Why this tool?

a) Accurate Readings in instant time
b) Reliable and easy to handle
c) Eliminates damages and down-times due to overheating
  • Details

    Measuring Range: -40 to +1000 degrees Celsius Measuring Accuracy of Temperature : +/- 1 degree Celsius Resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius Measuring Accuracy of humidity: +/- 2% Shock Protection: 1 meter Display Size: 2.8" Working Range: 0.1 to 5 meters Optics (Ratio of measuring distance:measuring spot): 50:1 Weight: 0.6Kg