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AQUATAK 100 High Pressure Cleaner

· More cleaning power
· Compact, portable and stable design
· Fast, easy set up
· Ready to use straight out of the box
· Fast high pressure detergent system
· In use storage of the gun
· All accessories carried on the machine
· Innovative hose storage
· Integrated accessories holder
· SDS system with quick-connect fittings
· Auto-stop system
· Self-priming function
· Water filter
· Quick and effortless cleaning everywhere

Why this tool?

a) Light Weight
b) Highly Portable
c) Great Power



Max. pressure: 100 bar

Motor Power: 1100WMax.

Operating Flow: 270 l/h

Maximum Flow Temperature: 40 °C

Cable Length: 5 m

Hose Length: 3 m (PVC)

Lances: Long Lance

Nozzles: Variable Fan Jet-Fan Nozzle


BOSCH Pressure Washer AQUATAK 100

  • 6 months from date of invoice

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