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The BOSCH GCL 25 is a five-point self-leveling alignment laser with cross-line.


It delivers two-in-one versatility for power users who perform a variety of tasks involving squaring, plumbing and leveling.

Operators no longer need two tools to square a room for walls or transfer points for ceiling installations.

Its smart pendulum leveling system self-levels and indicates out-of-level, and it locks at any angle in manual mode, leaving hands free to quickly complete layout.

It has a plumb range of 5 meters, a horizontal point range of 30 meters and a lines range of 10 meters.

The included BM1 Positioning Device provides a Micro-fine Height Adjustment System for quick adjustment.


1.) Five points plus a cross-line for a two-in-one laser

2.) Highly visible laser points and lines: for horizontal leveling, vertical alignment, squaring, layout and plumb point transfer

3.) Manual mode locks lines for use at any angle, vertical line or cross-line modes


Why this tool?


a) Extremely versatile

b) Compact and ergonomic design

c) Easy to operate using intuitive user interface

d) IP54 Splash Proofed Instrument


Leveling Accuracy 0.3-0.5mm

IP54 Splash Water Proofed


BOSCH Digital Multi Point Laser GCL-25

  • 6 months from date of purchase

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