BOSCH Digital Inclinometer R-60

BOSCH Digital Inclinometer R-60 Professional

With Bosch laser technology, users are able to be more productive and thus more profitable on the job-site. 

1.) Compatible with GLM 80 or GLM 100 C for more versatility

2.) Additional Digital Level mode when paired

3.) High-Quality Aluminum Construction — For optimal accuracy including two bubble level vials for additional reference 

4.) Transforms GLM 80 and GLM 100 C laser distance measure (not included) into a Digital Level for more versatility

Why this tool?

a) GLM-80 Combo Laser Rangefinder and Digital Inclinometer
b) 2-axis 90° tilt sensor and 360° incline sensor
c) Precision Laser Technology with a 10 meter range
d) Indirect length measurements for obstructed distances
e) Computes measurements such as area or volume easily
f) Automatically stores last 20 measurements
g) Reliable power with Integrated Lithium-Ion battery
h) Tilt-screen technology and intelligent light sensor
j) Minimum/maximum and multi-surface area modes
Additional Package Options
  • Details

    Measurement Range: 0.05-80 meters, Measurement Accuracy: +/- 1.5mm, IP54 Splash Water Proofed, Weight: 0.74Kg