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BOSCH Contractor's Choice

SKIL Power Tools


  • A long established world brand,

  • Reliable tools that you can afford


BOSCH Contactor's Choice


  • Take pride in ownership.

  • German quality meets affordability

Economy Power Tools

SKIL Power Tools
BOSCH Professional Power Tools

 BOSCH Professional Power Tools


  • The right choice for Trade & Industry

  • The perfect upgrade for every home

  • Extremely durable and powerful

  • Fully featured for safety and handling

  • Built for champs, built to perform

  • Invented for live and available for you

Professional Power Tools

BOSCH Professional Power Tools
BOSCH Professional Digital Measuring Tools

Professional Measuring Tools

BOSCH Digital Measuring Tools


  • Laser Rangefinders

  • Line Lasers & Laser Receivers

  • Point & Line Laster

  • Surface Lasers & Rotation Lasers

  • Optical Levels & Leveling Staff

  • Metal Detectors & Wall Scanners

  • Inspection Cameras & Thermo Detectors

  • Angle Measurers & Inclinometers

  • Tripods & Other Accessories

BOSCH Professional Digital Measuring Tools
BOSCH Professional Digital Measuring Tools
DREMEL Professional Tools

Special Power Tools

DREMEL Professional Power Tools


  • Versatile, powerful and endlessly userful

  • For repairs and for your hobby


  • Rotary Tools

  • Saw-Max

  • Moto-Saw

  • Butane Tools

DREMEL Professional Power Tools
GET Electrical Quality Products

Selected Electrical Components

ABB Power Distribution Products


  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB's)

  • Residual Current Breakers (RCCB's)

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB's)

  • Magnetic Contactors

  • Thermal Overload Relays

  • For complete Panels please inquire here

ABB Electrical Products

CHINT Essential DIN-Rail Electrical Devices

CHINT Electrical Products

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