DANFOSS FC-360 Automation Drive


DANFOSS FC-360 General Purpose Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)


This is the best and at the same time very economical Motor Controller Solution for all your General Purpose Applications, a true value product that is fully featured and can do the job with absolute ease.


Available from 1HP to 15HP and upon special order also up to 100HP.


For more information please read also the DANFOSS FC-360 Automation Drive Brochure


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  • Details

    IP20 Bookshelf Style Format

    PCB Silicon Coated

    Rated at 50 degrees Celsius

    Integrated DC Choke Harmonic Filter and RFI Filter

    Integrated PID Controller and Dynamic Brake (up to 30HP)

    Kinetic Backup, DC-Heating Feature and so much more


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