ABB SCP Consumer Units


ABB System Pro-M Recess or Surface Mounted IP20 Circuit Breaker Enclosures


BS-5486, IEC-439, VDE-0603 and DIN-43871 International Standards

The SCP Range of Thermoplastic Consumer Units are designed to suit installations in domestic and commercial installations, they are easy to install, attractive and highly reliable.


Fitted with Smokey Grey Transparent Plastic Flap for convenient checking of components status.


Main benefits


Flexible installations, could be Recess (Semi-Flush) or Surface Mounted



Main features


Very durable, rated up to 100A load, moulded knockouts on all sides and the back of the base


Different sizes or other models per Price Inquiry

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  • Details

    SCP-07 for 7 Modules (max. 3 units of 2-Pole Breakers)

    SCP-10 for 10 Modules (max. 5 units of 2-Pole Breakers)

    SCP-14 for 14 Modules (max. 7 units of 2-Pole Breakers)

    SCP-16 for 16 Modules (max. 8 units of 2-Pole Breakers)

    SCP-20 for 20 Modules (max. 10 units of 2-Pole Breakers)


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