ABB Magnetic Contactors


ABB Magnetic Contactors 32A-185A


The safe and durable choice for all generic industrial and commercial applications.

Perfect for all common needs and ideal for Electrical Motor Circuits just as well.

Fast Switching and Spark Reduction combined into a very small footprint.

Covers all Standard Network Voltages, Coil Cntrol Voltage 220VAC.


Integrated Surpe Supression and additional Auxillary Contacts

(32A/40A = 1NO) (65A/95A/115A/150A/185A = 1NO/1NC)


Different sizes, more Auxillary Contacts or other models per Price Inquiry

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    Versatile 3-Poles Version

    Switching Capacities: 32A-185A

    Control Coil Voltage 220VAC


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